British-based podcasts

British-based podcasts

British-based podcasts

British-based podcasts are produced by the Ross IELTS Academy. In these podcasts which are in 3 elementary, pre-intermediate, and advanced levels, you will learn the correct pronunciation and intonation.

You will also get familiar with a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structure through studying the transcripts in which all the essential vocabulary in that topic is extracted with their definitions.

Since the podcasts are in a British accent, you will get ready for the speaking and listening parts of the test much better.





  1. Bear inside the car

  2. Bill Gates says bye to Microsoft

  3. Gun control in Canada

  4. Coronavirus and clean air

  5. Moon from the earth

  6. Punishment for criminals in US

  7. Communication among dolphins

  8. Migration flows to Europe

  9. Solar system technology

  10. Lion cuddles tourists

  11. Journey with no money

  12. Fly into the plane

  13. NASA helps people with the coronavirus

  14. Old bones in a very old church

  15. California bans pesticide

  16. Fully electric sports car

  17. Ramadan Mubarak

  18. Paper out of rice straw

  19. 4,000-year-old skeleton discovered near Stonehenge

  20. Hallucigenia: The worm with the missing head

  21. A village underwater for 30 years

  22. Japan makes the strongest robot in the world

  23. The world's oxygen on fire

  24. The world’s largest tropical rainforest

  25. Almost 3 billion animals affected by Australian bushfires

  26. Zookeepers save baby zebra

  27. Britain leaves the EU

  28. First aid in acid attack

  29. Cows and climate change

  30. Dangerous insect

  31. Dangerous baby food

  32. Dangerous lettuce

  33. Bike race new data

  34. Asthma from traffic level

  35. Babies learn to stand

  36. Family saves bear

  37. HIV vaccine

  38. Men versus Women

  39. Philippines volcano

  40. Penguin fathers care for a baby

  41. Protests around the world

  42. Sleeping in a taxi

  43. Holes in Swiss cheese

  44. TV education

  45. Man inside a big water balloon

  46. Ebola vaccine

  47. Problems with E-cigarettes

  48. German airlines strike

  49. Helmets for cyclists

  50. Millions of jellyfish

  51. Moon tourism

  52. Puerto Rico help

  53. Problems with solar panels

  54. Toxic water in Fukushima

  55. Turtles and plastic

  56. Warm world

  57. Brazilian Migrants

  58. The world population growth

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