IELTS Listening Course

IELTS Listening Course

IELTS Listening Course

In this course, you will have to utilize the educational videos for this skill in which you will learn all the necessary tips you will need to know about the different sections of listening, how to manage your time, and answer as many questions as possible to easily get a very high score you could never imagine.

Attached to each video, you will have the audio files which you have to listen to and take the tests based on those. As mentioned before, you will have to listen to one podcast every day to improve your general listening skills besides the IELTS skills.

After you watched all the videos and took the tests, it will be time to refer to the question bank and start taking the full tests of the 4 sections in order to see how you can handle 40 questions all together.


Instructor: M.Hafi



  1. Listening Section One

  2. Listening Section Two

  3. Listening Section Three

  4. Listening Section Four

  5. Practice 1 Listening Section One

  6. Practice 2 Listening Section Two

  7. Practice 3 Listening Section Three

  8. Practice 4 Listening Section Four

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  • Parvez Dagarov

    Course was vital benifical for me thanks for your team

  • Raihan

    Thanks to Ross IELTS

  • JC

    The course very helpful i’ve watch all the videos in listening section in part one,
    Sad to say i forgot to put a marked with listening course introduction and whole content of the videos was perfect .

    Thank you !

    • Happy to hear that. In case you follow all the given techniques, you’ll be good to go to boost your score. The same happens with other courses especially with writing. And, don’t watch all the videos in one day.

  • Jonathan@2018

    thank’ so much roosielts !

  • Hanna

    It was very helpful and well organized based on my needs👍👍😍

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