IELTS Speaking Course

IELTS Speaking Course

IELTS Speaking Course

For this section, we have prepared a series of educational videos in which you can learn what the 3 parts of the speaking skill are like and what strategies you need to apply to handle those.

Besides, attached to each video, you have the question samples and the instructions for each part besides the necessary classified collocations for different topic areas.

In addition to these, you can make use of the grammar files including the explanation and practice we have prepared for you in the briefest manner in order for you to enhance your grammatical range. You can also use the different fluency boosters, linkers, and conjunctions we have prepared for you in the pdfs you raise your coherence and cohesion in speaking.

Instructor: Samson Seez


  1. Speaking Part One

  2. Speaking Part Two

  3. Speaking Part Three

  4. Speaking Exam Day

  5. Speaking Test Day Procedures

  6. Practice 1: Company

  7. Practice 2: Electronic Devices

  8. Practice 3: Gift

  9. Practice 4: Noises

  10. Practice 5: Politeness

  11. Practice 6: Products

  12. Practice 7: Rules

  13. Practice 8: Social Problems

  14. Practice 9: Science

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  • Masa Movfgh

    Just amazing. Everything like the real exam. I took three mock tests and each time I had a different examiner, all supportive and friendly. Thanks

  • Raul

    A wonderful course which guided me how to deal with different parts of the speaking test, especially how to deal with unfamiliar cue cards.
    The teacher is great.

  • Hassan Ibrahim

    I really liked the study materials in this section and I am having a deep dive into the PDF files attached to the videos.

  • Kazim rahman

    HI dear sir are madam ,i whan to appley for speking exima ,haw i appley

  • Griwani kadel

    Very good

  • Jonathan@2018

    i found it very helpful

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