Mock Test of Speaking

Mock Test of Speaking

Mock Test of Speaking

Dear candidate,

In order to book your online mock test of speaking, please send an email to and mention your ID of Skype, Zoom, or your Whatsapp number, and in less than 36 hours our experts will contact you to set up your test with one of our examiners.

In order to experience the real exam situation, please make sure to have a piece of ID with yourself at the time of the test. Make sure you have a good internet connection and once your test and feedback are over you can download the recorded file to practice over and over the given tips by the examiner.

Please note that the test lasts 25 minutes and after that, the session is over and we can’t extend the time for you. Be sure that we tell you all the necessary things in that amount of time, so don’t worry at all. 

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  • Md Humayun Rashid

    $22 only for one mock?

  • Osama

    It was outstanding


    I loved it and it was quite helpful.


    How do do i go about the payment for the mock test?


    I have just taken a speaking mock exam for only 25$ and I think the exam is worth even higher price because at the end of the exam I was given detailed and very useful feedback and found out all my weaknesses. Thanks a lot to my examiner Mehrnoosh Hafi and all the organizers.

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