Silver Course


Silver Course

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$250.00 / 24 months

This package is comprised of offline educational videos for the 4 skills, including Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. In these videos, you will learn all the necessary techniques that you will need to apply in the IELTS exam. Apart from the educational videos, you’ll have full access to enormous resources to practice the strategies that you learn.

Once you finish your course, you will have 2 online mock tests of Speaking along with comprehensive feedback under the same exam conditions. Also, you can send us your 5 writings to be checked out and receive comprehensive feedback on those.


Course duration: It takes between 45 to 60 days to finish the whole course, studying an average of 5 hours a day.


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# Course Price Option
1 Writing Corrections $39 View Course
2 IELTS Writing Course $90 View Course
3 IELTS Speaking Course $70 View Course
4 IELTS Reading Question Samples $15 View Course
5 IELTS Reading Course $60 View Course
6 IELTS Listening Question Samples $15 View Course
7 IELTS Listening Course $50 View Course
8 Grammar $30 View Course
9 British-based podcasts $30 View Course

2 reviews for Silver Course

  1. Morteza Ghaffari

    I took this amazing course. I really liked the tips and techniques that you teach. I wanted to thank you guys for your outstanding services and helping people like me very patiently. I recommend you to all my friends. The best things that worked very well for me were the writing corrections and mock tests.

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Thanks for your review

  2. Ann

    I am currently using this course and I love it. Every video is so complete that I barely need to ask any questions from my instructor on skype. All the techniques are taught in a very simple way that I can understand it fully even though I don’t have an advanced level of English. I will be taking reading and listening tests from the next week and I am sure I will get good scores. I just wanted to recommend the course to anyone who wants to mark up in IELTS exam. I have experienced it and it was pretty helpful.

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