IELTS Reading Course

IELTS Reading Course

IELTS Reading Course

In this section, you need to watch the videos while you study the pdfs attached to each one. In these files, we have prepared a series of general English readings in different levels of elementary, intermediate, and advanced with the practice for you to improve your reading comprehension and get ready for the IELTS passages in time. Other than that, you will have some more pdfs on the different question types of the reading skill which have fully been mentioned in the videos.

Like listening, after you watched all the videos and took the tests, it will be time to refer to the question bank and start taking the full tests of the 4 sections in order to see how you can handle 40 questions.


Instructor: Sarah Odeyma


  1. Short Answer Questions and Summary Completion

  2. Matching Headings

  3. Multiple Choices & Matching Info

  4. True, False and Not Given

  5. Matching Names & Yes/No/Not Given

  6. Exam Day

  7. Practice 1 Matching Headings

  8. Practice 2 Matching Info

  9. Practice 3 Matching Names

  10. Practice 4 Multiple Choice Questions

  11. Practice 5 Short Answer Question

  12. Practice 6 Summary Completion

  13. Practice 7 True False Not Given

  14. Practice 8 Yes No Not Given

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