What is the IELTS reading exam like?

In this part, you will be given 3 texts including 2000 to 2700 words. The reason why the number of words was mentioned is to make you realize that the texts are long and you might not be able to read all the texts and answer the questions unless you learn the required techniques.

Obviously, the main purpose of reading each text is understanding it and finding suitable answers. In this skill, you must answer 40 questions in an hour, and the difficulty of the questions increases as you go further.

You will need to answer different types of questions including; multiple options, filling in the blank, table, etc. It is totally natural to not be able to read the whole passages in detail in one hour. You should learn what techniques you can apply to handle this skill.

What are the two modules of reading skill?

This skill will evaluate candidates in two different types including academic and general.

In the academic test, the texts are usually chosen from magazines, books, or newspapers and the subjects are mostly academic.

If you learn the required techniques for this skill, you will notice that you do not need any specific knowledge to understand these kinds of texts and you can easily answer the questions.

In the general test, texts are usually taken from general sources such as advertisements, news, instructions, and magazines. In the general module, you will be evaluated to see how you can understand the issues that might happen in an English-speaking country.