What is IELTS writing like?

Writing skill in IELTS exam includes two tasks. You will be asked to write a writing about the given topic in each task in an hour.

Academic Writing 

If you participate in an academic module, in task one you will be asked to write a factual report describing a bar chart, line chart, pie chart, table, or a process in at least 150 words.

In task 2, you should write an essay in at least 250 words about the main subject and support the idea using explanations and examples.

General Writing

If you participate in the general module, in task one you will be asked to write a formal or informal letter in at least 150 words. You will be given a topic and some bullet points for writing the letter which will show you the required details to bring up in your writing. In task 2, just like the academic module, you should write an article based on the given topic in at least 250 words.

The important point is that, in both modules, the considered time for task 1 is 20 minutes while task 2 will take 40 minutes. This timing shows us the fact that task 2 will bring candidates a higher score.

In conclusion, candidates must manage their time in order to be able to finish both tasks on time.

The last point to be taken into account is that the candidates might face different question types in this skill which they should be familiar with in order to reach a high score based on the test criteria.