IELTS Writing Course

IELTS Writing Course

IELTS Writing Course

In this section, just like the 3 other skills, you will have a series of educational videos in which you will learn each and every tip you need in specific details. Attached to each video, you will have the pdf files for each question type including the paragraph structure, the expressions, and techniques you can use for those which have all been taught in the videos.

Something to help you in this section is the different question samples we have put for you to write your own writing about. Other than that, in your writing corrections, you will have the chance to write your own writing applying the techniques you have learned so that we can give you voice or video feedback on that.


Instructor: M.Hafi



  1. Steps before writing

  2. Writing Task2 Question Types

  3. Agree/Disagree (opinion question)

  4. Discussion Question

  5. Advantages and Disadvantages Type One

  6. Advantages and Disadvantages Type Two

  7. Advantages and Disadvantages Type Three

  8. Causes/Problems and Solutions

  9. Double Questions

  10. Academic Writing Course Introduction

  11. Academic Writing Question Types

  12. Introduction and Overview Paragraphs

  13. Details Paragraphs

  14. Bar Chart and Line Chart

  15. Pie Chart and Table

  16. Multigraphs

  17. Process Questions

  18. Maps

  19. General Writing Formal Letter

  20. General Writing Informal Letter

Comments ( 8 )

  • Tahereh

    This course was totally different from all other courses that I took before. Really amazing because it shows exactly what the examiner expect from us to do in the real test. Thanks

  • Reza

    I have tried many methods before, but I didn’t get the result unfortunately…but this writing course is different, because you can learn in a short period of time what you want from Ielts writing.

  • Abi

    I would like to know more about the course you provided then I will enroll to the course. Thank you

    • Please use the online chat option on our website to get the answer for all your questions.

  • Hanna

    Great course as I have learned about each writing question and the structure I need to use.
    Plus useful phrases, resources and pdfs.
    The instructor also wrote a writing for each question type for better understanding.
    Loved the course and the instructor, perfect!👍

  • Jonathan@2018

    Thank you so much

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