The listening skill consists of four sections. Each section has 10 questions, each question has the same score and since there is not negative score for wrong answer, you’d better give an answer to all the questions even if you are not sure whether it is correct. Give it a chance, maybe it works.

In each section, once at the beginning and once in the middle of the same section, you will be given time to read the questions before you listen, except for the last section, where you only have time to read the questions at the very beginning. At the end of the listening test, you will have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

What is the first section of listening skill?

This section is two-way conversation about everyday social situations. For example, a person contacts a center, hotel, internet company, club or college, etc., and receives a series of information from the person in charge of these units. In this section, the ability of the applicant to receive and present information and take notes in a daily and public social event will be evaluated.

For example, the applicant is asked to write down information such as nameaddressmembership number, etc. that he/she hears in the conversation.

A good suggestion to strengthen the skill to answer this section is to listen to audio files that include numbers, names, addresses, etc., and then write them down.

What is the second section of the listening skill?

The subject of this section is the same as the previous section, social and general, with the difference that there is no conversation and you listen to a monologue and respond to the requested information.

Examples of questions that the applicant may encounter in this section could be completing a mapmultiple-choice questions, filling in the blanks, or a table.

The important thing about this section is the difference between the multiple-choice questions in this section and the third section. The multiple-choice questions in section 2 are much easier because the given options are shorter and they aren’t academic compared to section 3.

What is the third section of the listening skill?

As for the third section, most candidates usually have a major problem with it and easily lose a lot of points.

This section usually contains longer multiple-choice questions. The reason for the difficulty of this section for the applicants is that the subject is academic and sometimes 3 to 4 people are present in the conversation and the candidate should be able to choose the right option according to all the conversations. Another point that adds to the difficulty of this section is the length of the options and the question form, as well as the constant change of people who are talking.

Despite the great difficulty of this section, if you learn the techniques related to it, you can easily pass this section and guarantee a score of 8 for yourself.

For example, in this section, you should specify for yourself which person’s speech is important and pay attention to the options according to that person’s words. However, sometimes someone else will talk and the person you are looking for will only confirm or deny the matter.

What is the fourth section of listening skill?

This section, like the second section, is a one-on-one lecture, with the difference that in this section, it is about scientific topics and examines different aspects of an issue. For example:

  • In which part of the world does an animal live?
  • What does it feed on?
  • What causes it to become endangered?

 Another difference between this section and the other sections, as I explained at the beginning, is that you will not be given time twice to read the rest of the questions in the middle of the section and you can only read them all once in the beginning.