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Level 1

This news is from California. A bear gets inside a car. It cannot get out. It is stuck. A sheriff’s deputy wants to help the bear. He breaks the window. The bear gets out of the car. It is free. Someone filmed all of this on video. The bear didn’t hurt the sheriff.

Difficult wordsbe stuck (when you cannot get out of something), sheriff’s deputy (a police officer), filmed (past tense of the film).


Level 2

In California, a bear got stuck inside a car, and a sheriff’s deputy broke the window to free the bear. It got out and ran away. Someone filmed the moment on video. This video went viral on the internet.

Difficult words: stuck (not able to get out), sheriff’s deputy (a police officer).


Level 3

California is a state in the Pacific Region of the United States. A bear near Lake Tahoe in California trapped itself inside a car. Someone filmed the moment that a county sheriff’s deputy broke the window and allowed the bear to flee.

Difficult words: trap (get stuck inside, not able to get out), county (an area in an American state), sheriff’s deputy (police officer), flee (run away).



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