Online Mock Test of Speaking

Online Mock Test of Speaking

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The online mock test of Speaking takes 25 minutes: 12 minutes of the test and 13 minutes of comprehensive feedback, which is like a private class for candidates.
The test will be held by our experts who have been trained by the British Council examiners. Thus, they know exactly what you need to do to get a high band score in the real test.

You will also get the recorded file so that you could watch your performance and practice the given tips over and over again.

We use different platforms to hold the test such as Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp. But remember that we can give you the recorded file only through Skype and Zoom.

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11 reviews for Online Mock Test of Speaking

  1. Masa Movfgh

    All professional. Lovely team. Lovely feedback. Helpful tips,……. You’re the best and I’m happy that I found you guys.

    The good thing is that we get the recorded file of the test.

  2. Reza

    The best way to get familiar with Ielts speaking test is these mock tests, because you feel the exact situation of a real Ielts exam…

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Glad you’re happy. Best of luck

  3. Tahereh

    This course was totally different from all other courses that I took before. Really amazing because it shows exactly what the examiner expect from us to do in the real test. Thanks

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Thanks for your feedback

  4. Raza Khan

    Very good. Thanks

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback

  5. Ismahene

    Hi , i have many questions
    I want to pass this exam and get IELTS certificate. Can you tell me how to pay the fees and how to book a place online with the type of payment card? Please reply

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Thanks for your comment. Please remember that we only hold mock tests of speaking and writing and not the real test and we don’t issue any official certificate. In case you want to know your band score and get feedback on how to improve, click on this link and go ahead with the procedure. We will set your test in less than 48 hours and the test will be held via Skype.

  6. Iman Bagheri

    The test I had with your team was one of the best IELTS speaking mock tests I have ever experienced, I strongly recommend it to all IELTS learners and would definitely appreciate the fabulous team of Ross IELTS Academy for their countless and brilliant efforts. Especial thanks to Mr. Samson Seez for his outstandingly impressive performance in examination procedure.

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Thanks for your lovely comment. We’re glad that it’s been helpful.

  7. Seung Eun Lee (verified owner)

    This is amazing. I have received feedback on every criteria, tips to improve my score, and It’s easy to check your mistakes from recorded video. I wish I knew ross academy earlier and will take the online mock test again! Strongly recommended to anyone who’s preparing IELTS, thank you so much Ross academy!

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Thanks dear Seung. All the best

  8. Wagner Romero

    The mock test I had with you was really helpful for me, at the end you gave me extended feedback on every marking criteria, which is good, and also you gave me some strategies and sent me the video so that I can watch it over and over again to practice and improve my skills. I feel really happy with your help, the examiner is so kind and professional. I’ll share your website and recommend you to my friends. Thank you Ross Academy!

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Glad it was helpful dear Wagner

  9. Sulaima (verified owner)

    This experience was just amazing. Started from the immediate reply to my questions and concerns. Then, how clear the process is going. I truly like everything about it. After that, in the mock exam, I feel like it’s a real speaking test, so now I feel more confident to have the real test. The feedback was beyond my expectations, it was really helpful.
    I recommend this mock test to everybody, you will not regret it 🥰!

    Mehrnoosh Hafi was my examiner, she was a great teacher, I learned a lot from her, she was so helpful ♥️
    Thank you very much!

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Thanks for your lovely comment. We’re here to help you. All the best

  10. Mohammad Khairullah Bin Hamid (verified owner)

    It was an amazing experience to attend the online mock test with Ross IELTS academy. I felt like the real test here.Last but not the least ,I got valuable suggestions to improve my speaking. They are really professional and I strongly recommend Ross IELTS for the learners.

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Happy that it was helpful. All the best in your real test.

  11. Manuja Praharshani (verified owner)

    The experience was amazing. The examiner was great and very friendly at the end of the test gave me extended feedback. Highly recommend this mock test And thank u so much Ross IELTS Academy.

    • Ross IELTS Academy

      Thanks for your comment dear Manuja. All the best

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